The Lingo

A glossary of Vintage Base Ball terms:

Ace or Tally - run; crossing home base
Apple, pill, horsehide, onion - the ball
Artist - proficient player
Baller, Ballist - player
Basetender - an infielder
Bench - manager or coach
Blind - no score
Blooper, banjo hit - weak fly ball, "Texas leaguer"

Boodler - ungentlemanly maneuver
Bound - bounce
Bowler, hurler, thrower, feeder - pitcher
Club, Nine - team
Cranks (or Throng) - fans
Daisy Cutter - sharp grounder
Dead or Hand Dead - put out or batter out
Dew Drop - slow pitch
Dish - home plate
Foul tic - foul ball
Four Baser - homerun
Ginger - enthusiastic play
Ground - field
Huzzah! - hooray
Leg it - run swiftly
Match - game
Midfielder - centerfielder
Muckle - power hitter
Muff or Duff - error
Muffin - enthusiastic but unskilled player
Pitcher's Point - pitchers mound or rubber
Player Dead - out
Pluck - fine strike or play
Plugging (or Soaking) the Runner - throwing the ball at runner to put him out (illegal after 1845)
Rover - shortstop
Scouts - outfielders
Show a little ginger - play harder or smarter
Sky Ball, Skyer - flyball
Sky scraper - A high Pop Fly
Stinger - hard hit ball
Stir your stumps - run fast/hustle
Striker - hitter
Striker to the line - batter up
Talleykeeper - scorekeeper
Three Hands Dead - 3 outs, side retired
Whitewash - team held scoreless for a match or at-bat
Willow – bat