Potomacs play tough; Drop 2 to Elkton


Elkton, MD - After playing a spirited match in Kingsville the previous day, the Potomacs traveled to the Eastern Shore to face the Eclipse of Elkton. It was a hot one in Elkton, but the Potomacs ignored the heat and rose to the challenge.

In the first game the Potomacs started out strong, scoring 6 tallies in the first 3 innings. They led a well-balanced offensive attack, with seven different club members each driving in a tally. Lightning and Buckeye each collected 4 hits. Lightning lived up to his nickname and claimed 12 total bases; he and Swede each stole 2 bags. Rookie “Bobby” (who has yet to receive a nickname), may have just earned one by coming through in the “Clutch” to produce 2 hits and a run in his first game. Counselor hurled a solid game, and complimented it with 3 hits. Buckeye came on in relief and with a brisk underhand delivery, struck out two Elkton batsmen. Defense proved a difficult task for both nines due to the uneven ground, stiff tufts of grass and the presence of groundhog holes in the outfield. Unfortunately, the Eclipse put up 16 tallies to win the match, 16-7.

Following a short repose under the shade trees, the Potomacs resumed their determined play in the second match, with Commodore on the mound. They tallied 2 runs in the first inning, and pounded the lemon shapeless for 4 runs in the 5th. Despite the long day in the sun, backstop Buckeye came up with some amazing foul tip grabs. Six of the Potomacs had more that 1 hit; Lightning and Zagnut each sent a double to the long-garden. Buckeye and Zagnut knocked in 2 runs each in their fashion. Ivy crept all over the basepaths for 3 steals. Once again, the uneven field proved difficult to defend as the hard-hitting Eclipse scattered frequent daisy-cutters all over the field. Swede snagged an over-the-head diving catch on the bounce deep in the left garden, much like Whippet’s stunner in Kingsville the day before. Behind 10-6 in the final inning, the Potomacs fought for one more run before falling to Elkton, 10-7.

Everyone on the club struck the lemon for at least one hit that day.