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You can reach our Baltimore club (Chesapeakes) captain, Jeff "Bucket" Turner, at or by phone at (410) 409-4671.

You can reach our Washington, D.C. club (Potomacs) captain, Howard "Ivy" Berkof at or by phone at 585-259-5150.

We welcome new players from Washington, Virginia, and Maryland to join our Club. You don’t have to be an all-star softball player or your old high school's star infielder to play -- our only requirement is that you love base ball and love the history of it. If you are 18-88, we are looking for you to participate! If you don't think you can take the field in uniform, you can still participate as an umpire, scorekeeper, historian, costumed interpreter, or behind the scenes to help make the Club a success.

The Chesapeake and Potomac welcomes everyone, without regard to race, sex, or where you stood on the late unpleasantness between the states. If you have an interest, we want you to join us!

If you're interested in joining us, you can play for either our Baltimore club (Chesapeakes) or our Washington, D.C. club (Potomacs), or BOTH! For the Chesapeakes, contact us by email at or by phone at (410) 409-4671. For the Potomacs, conatct us by email at or by phone at 585-259-5150.