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October 26, 2006
Baseball in 1864
by Clay Davenport
The e-mail was innocent enough.

16-Oct-06- Fall base ball returns to Baltimore this weekend with vintage base ball matches taking place this Saturday, October 21st on the fields at Carroll Park. The hometown Chesapeake and Potomac Base Ball Club, representing Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; and Northern Virginia (and founded by SABR members), takes on one of the finest new vintage base ball clubs in America in the Eclipse Base Ball Club of Elkton.

I'd been interested in seeing one of these for a while, in part to get a better feel for how the different rules of the past (the e-mail said they would be using 1864 rules) would make for different statistics. After my wife (a Baltimore native) let me know that Carroll Park was on the "near" side of Baltimore for us, meaning that it would only be a 30-minute or so trip, I was pretty well set to go.